The Program's activities

The EQUITE Program is composed of 4 axes.

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COMPONENT 1 : Strengthening the fair trade certified Producers’ Organizations (POs) in West Africa

This first component aims to strengthen fair trade POs by several financial facilities on the agroecological transition, gender equality, quality enhancement, strengthening commercial capacities and digital technologies, under their own management. It revolves around these two axes : 


  • implementing support financial facilities : « fair trade value chains, innovation and agroecological and social transition », « fair trade cocoa in Côte d’Ivoire », and « access to markets for the fair trade certified POs »


This support will take place via a call for participation , where POs, national platforms and NGOs will be able to respond, if their projects conform with the objectives of the facility. Only fair trade certified structures (with Fairtrade, WFTO, Fair For Life - Ecocert, SPP certification schemes) are eligible. Projects enhancing environmental and gender matters will be encouraged. 

Around forty projects will be funded by the facility, with amounts between 50 000 and 250 000€. The EQUITE Program will not finance the totality of the project : there must be at least 25% of co-funding.


  • pilot fund for financing the agroecological transition in the cocoa field


  • strengthening the POs’ capacities on finance and digital tools


- supporting gender equality and women’s empowerment with the School of Women’s Leadership in Côte d’Ivoire (implemented by a Fairtrade Africa - Max Havelaar France consortium)


  • strengthening the Fairtrade certified cocoa POs’ capacities on management and traceability (implemented by a Fairtrade Africa - Max Havelaar France consortium)

COMPONENT 2 : Strengthening fair trade institutional ecosystems and developing the markets

This second component aims to strengthen impulse the creation of National Fair Trade Platforms (NFTPs) in the Program’s countries (by elaborating action plans, animating work groups), and to support the networks and the certifications schemes’ delegates. 


This component revolves around two axes :


  • strengthening national fair trade platforms in West Africa


  • Supporting fair trade certificators in West African to strengthen fair trade value chains

COMPONENT 3 : Monitoring and evaluation of the impacts, communication and capitalization of the results

This component revolves around three axes :


  • management and monitoring and evaluation of the activities of the Program


  • production of thematic studies and research-action mechanisms : 

. A « situational analysis » study of the good practices for producing sustainable cocoa : comparative analysis of socio-economical and environmental performances, problematics and perspectives of diffusion of agroforestry in West Africa

. Setting up research-action mechanisms with researchers, linked to supported POs’ projects


  • capitalization, communication, diffusion of social and environmental innovations : 

. Strategies for influencing and sharing good practices with national (Agriculture Ministries, agricultural services, CCC, COCOBOD, etc.), regional (UEMOA, CEDEAO, CILSS, etc.) and international (EU, FAO, IFAD, etc.) bodies.

. Organizing 2 seminars, one half-way and one at the end of the Program. 

COMPONENT 4 : Project management and technical assistance

This component covers technical assistance as well as the implementation of the EQUITE Program.